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Science explains so much of the world around us and is vital to so many careers in modern life. A good understanding of Science encourages problem solving and questioning as to why things happen. Engineering, product design, medicine, investigating and app building are just a few of the roles in which we encourage children to aspire to that require a skill base that is developed in the learning of Science.

Children will explore a wide range of practical and theoretical Science topics at Brooklands, all of which create an atmosphere of problem solving and questioning. Children will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of practical testing in order to explain what is happening, make predictions and analyse the results. In Key Stage 2 children will be taught the skills that are needed to collect data and present their findings in a suitable way, by observations, measurements and using different units. This will encourage a cross curricular learning environment, drawing on skills from Maths and Literacy in order to produce effective and reliable results. Children are also encouraged throughout all year groups how to spot patterns, irregularities, similarities and differences in order to conclude on their learning.

We are lucky to have a range of habitat types within our own school grounds such as woodland areas, bug hotels and the pond area that allows children to gain experience of the outdoor world. The children are also able to utilise and secure this knowledge through exploration during their Forest School sessions, with a particular focus on season change, plants and living things and their habitats.