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Mathematics, problem solving, and reasoning skills are an important part of Brooklands curriculum. Throughout Key Stage 1 and into Year 4, we use the Inspire Maths programme to support our children in developing mastery in maths and meeting the higher expectations of the National Curriculum.  This programme supports our teaching of National Curriculum objectives in a structured and progressive way to develop children’s skills as they build their knowledge and skills each year.

Every child in Years 2 to 6 has access to Times Table Rock Stars which is an online times tables programme which helps them to practice their times tables in a motivational and engaging way.  This approach is also great for providing our children with immediate feedback on how they are doing and helps to support effective recall by testing children on the tables they are finding tricky to learn.

Brooklands also uses manipulatives to help each child in their mathematics. Manipulatives are designed to help our children see mathematical concepts by manipulating them and provides a way for them to learn concepts through hands-on experience using equipment that they can physically see and move.

A further approach in our mathematics teaching is the use of representations. A mathematical representation may be visible, such as a number sentence, a display of manipulative materials, or a graph, but it may also be an internal way of seeing and thinking about a mathematical idea. Regardless of their form, representations can help and enhance the way in which children apply their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities; helping them to make connections among ideas; and aid them in learning new concepts and processes.

Please see below for guidance on how to help support your child with maths at home by using the methods taught in school along with the Key Instant Recall Facts sheets (also below) provide you with important facts for your child to practice and learn throughout the year.