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At Brooklands Primary School we aim for our pupils to have an extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary. Geography is taught through a variety of engaging enquiry questions following the ‘Primary Connected Geography’ scheme.  This enquiry-based approach teaches important subject knowledge whilst allowing opportunities for pupils to master key subject skills and challenging outcomes. The questions seek to identify the most relevant and meaningful aspects of the subject content of the Geography National curriculum with an emphasis on subject rigour and challenge.


Through investigating smaller ancillary questions in each lesson, the children are able to deepen their knowledge and skills. During the enquiries, pupils have opportunities through the application and analysis of a wide range of geographical skills and resources to achieve outcome focussed objectives.


In Key Stage 1 we expect children to:




Compare and Contrast







This becomes progressively more challenging so that by Key Stage 2, children are expected to :

Formulate Conclusions

Develop informed judgements

Substantiated judgements






Through our approach to teaching of Geography, we aim to provide the children with rich, multi-sensory open-ended experiences that develop them as people as well as researchers. They are encouraged to investigate things for themselves and apply the skills needed by geographers in a real -life context.


The enquiry questions are:


Year 1:

  • How does weather affect our lives?
  • Why don’t penguins need to fly?
  • Why does it matter where food comes from?


Year 2:

  • What is the geography of where I live?
  • Why do we love being by the sea?


Year3 :

  • Why do so many people in the world live in megacities?
  • Why are rainforests so wet and deserts so dry?
  • Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others?


Year 4:

  • What is the Sunshine State really like?
  • How can we live more sustainably?


Year 5:

  • Why are mountains so important?
  • How do volcanoes affect people living in Hiemaey?
  • Who are Britain’s National Parks for?


Year 6:

  • What is a river?
  • How is climate change affecting the world?
  • Why is fair trade fair?