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Brooklands strives to deliver a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all our children. Within this, our curriculum is meaningful, rich and engaging and designed to provide each of our children with the opportunity to experience wide ranging rich experiences to enable them to explore their skills and release their passions.  

All of the team here at Brooklands are passionate about helping our children develop goals and aspirations to fulfil their potential and strive to develop learning behaviours that are specifically designed to build characteristics that support confidence, resilience, perseverance, respect for others and independence in preparation for their future.

Our curriculum is designed to support and encourage all our learners to be aware of their community and passionate about making a positive difference to the world around them.   

During their time with us our children will experience many exciting and unique learning opportunities from visits and visitors, themed events, and completing their “50 things to do before your leave Brooklands” challenge.

Here at Brooklands we positively encourage our children to try new things. Trying new things often requires courage and forces us to grow and develop. Entire careers and life paths are carved out by us dipping our toes into small ponds of new experience and discovering a love for something we had no idea would capture our imaginations and passion. All our children have opportunities to try new things from photography to abseiling, learning to play an instrument to gardening.

Our bespoke curriculum harnesses the uniqueness of opportunities available at Brooklands and is designed to build knowledge and skills over time that will stay in the hearts and minds of our children forever.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please do speak to one of our class teachers.