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Brooklands follows the National Curriculum for art and design, and we aim to ensure that all our pupils are encouraged to explore and experience art in all its richness and diversity.

Our children learn to develop their drawing and painting skills as well being taught techniques and having the opportunity to explore and experience crafts and design, evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art and understand the historical and cultural development of art forms.

All our children have regular opportunities to visit galleries in the region such as the visual arts organisation based in Colchester, Firstsite. Brooklands also regularly welcomes professional artists to the school for workshops including ceramics.

As you walk around the school you will see many displays of our children’s creativity and each child also has their own sketch book in which they capture their work and maintain a record of their progression and skills through their time with us.

We are fortunate to have the role model of Charlie Goddard teaching at the school with his degree in photography. With the help from Charlie’s knowledge and skill, Brooklands children regular enter several national photographic competitions.  

Brooklands is working to engage, inspire and challenge our children, helping them to explore art and design in its many and varied forms as well as learning how richly it is interwoven in our cultural history.